If you are looking for blog post ideas for your business, you may consider stealing ideas for your competitors. While stealing is never something that recommended and can be naughty, there is a way that you can steal content ideas easily and in a ‘good way’.

Stealing blog posts is bad. If you copy and paste a blog post from the website of another company, you could get in trouble. Firstly, Google will see that is duplicate content. This will result in your website being penalised and dropped down the Google search engines, in some cases for an extremely long time. If your competition see that you have stolen their content, you will also not be spoken of kindly in your industry.

This is why you need to make sure that you go about stealing content ideas in the right way. This way you can get the blog post ideas that you need, without stepping on anyone’s toes and without upsetting Google.

Set yourself a slot of time each week when you look at other blog posts. Write down a list of websites and blogs in your industry that you like, admire and are inspired by. Each week or month, take the time to look through these blogs and titles.

Search your keywords in google and add the word’ blog’ to the end of your search. This will give you blog post topics and ideas for your chosen keywords. We would recommend that you read these blog posts and make notes of their titles. In a few days or weeks go back to this list and start writing the blog post based on the title you have written down.

You don’t need to be afraid of using other people’s ideas. The reason that you have found the blog titles is because they work. Your blog post will never be the same as the original writers. This is because you, or a freelance blog writer, is writing it for you. Further to this, it will be unique to you and your business.

There is a vast amount we can learn from others in our industries. We are not recommending that you steal content, instead you steal content ideas and become inspired by other people’s blogs. Your version of the blog post will be unique to your business.

If you would like to outsource your blogging, send your list of stolen content ideas to us. Our blog writers in Cambridgeshire can then work through the blog posts for you. Alternatively, we can give you a list of blog post ideas that you can steal content ideas from for you to write, or for our bloggers to write.