Does your business blog content deliver? To ensure that your business blog content delivers, you need to make sure it is well written. They are two things that separate good content from bad content. These two things also separate good content from really good content.

Before writing content for your blog post, you need to ask yourself two questions. By answering these two questions you can ensure that your business blog content delivers.

  • How Does This Help?

The first thing to consider is how your content will help the reader. What are your target audience reading your blogs posts for? What do they want to find out? You can have a well-written blog post that is SEO friendly. However, if it doesn’t help your audience, is it a good blog post?

A great business blog post needs to speak to the reader, convey their interests, resolve their needs and answer their questions. Your business blog could be something entertaining for them to read, or it could touch on their pain point.

Think about the pain points of your audience and how you can help them. Not just how the ‘internet’ can help them. You need to share your unique take on the point. This will make it different to all the other blog posts out there. Use your own knowledge and experience. This will make it more engaging, and true to your business too.

  • What Is The Reader Thinking?

You need to think about who your target audience are too. Who is it that you want to read your business blog content? Put yourself in their shoes and think about the value you want your blog posts to offer them.

Think about the blog posts that you read from businesses. What is it that makes you read them? Are there things that you like about the blog posts? Think about how you can do similar in your blogs. If there are things that you don’t like in other businesses blog posts, then make sure you don’t include them in your blogs.

Remember, you are an expert in your business. Tap into the vast amount of knowledge and experience in your own head. Write from your own mind and you’ll have great quality business blog posts that deliver.

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