If your website has services listed on it, but all on one page – then this is a blog post for you to read. You can follow our tips to boost your SEO via the services page. It won’t take a huge deal of effort. However, it could make a huge difference to the search engine ranking of your website. In turn this could help you get found by more people and seen by your target audience.

Some services pages list 2, 3, 5 or even 10 services on them. This is great because it shows the reader everything that the business can offer them. However, if there is too much content for each service then it may be off putting. It means the reader can’t skim read the text and they may miss some of what you offer.

So, instead we would recommend that you have a small snippet about each service on the main services page. Then, have a ‘read more’ button. This will take the reader from the services page to the individual page where you can find out more.

This is great for SEO because you will then have a landing page for each service. This will be the targeted keyword. In turn, that will be a way to boost your SEO via the services page.

The other benefit of having a list of services with just 3-5 lines per service on the main services page is that you’ll tell your reader all the services you offer. A potential client may be looking to purchase just one service from you, but then they see you offer other things too. This can result in an easy up-sell for your clients.

If you would like help writing the separate service pages as a way to boost your SEO via the services page, then drop us a line. All you need to do is send us your services and we can do the rest for you. We can write the content for the main page, as well as the individual pages.