We have been sharing a series of blog posts and interviews with our clients. This is a chance for our clients to tell others how the business and they personally are coping through coronavirus. This can feel like a really lonely time for people in business, but these blog posts should help you see that you’re not alone.

In this interview we talk to Helen at Elite Events ECL. Helen is the owner and director of an event management business. As you can probably imagine, CV-19 has really affected her business and this is what she talks about in this blog post.

Helen at Elite Events ECL

Here is what Helen at Elite Events ECL has to say about coping through coronavirus;

What is the business name and what does your business do normally? 

The business is called Elite Events & Consultancy. We do Outsourced Events & Project Management for Corporate, Charity & Key Life Events

What services do you use Creative Content Company for?  

All social Media posts for FB, Linked In, Twitter plus content for Web Pages and Blog writing.  Pretty much everything!

How has CV-19 affected your business? 

Quite a lot as you can imagine Social isolation and the virus has meant no events = no business. We do however have some Project Management work which is keeping us occupied and for that we are truly thankful. However when this is over, life will get back to whatever normal is and we will still be here ready to help you celebrate.

Have you changed your service offering to go online / digitally – if so, how? 

It was already part of our service but we offered free advice and free half hour consultations to people, not to book events but for those having to cancel events who needed help and didn’t know where to start.  Our extensive knowledge and expertise means we can build and run but we also can help when things go wrong too if needed. 

What have you struggled most with during this time?  

Being apart from loved ones and also seeing friends “not coping”

Have there been any positive outcomes?  

Yes my brain got to “calm down” for a bit – we had been pretty busy so it was nice to be able to take a breath for a minute.

How are you finding working from home? 

No problem at all. I sometimes do that anyway, although I can get distracted by a few of my favourite programmes if I am not careful (LOL) It’s all research – honest!!

Where, if you’re home, are your working from?

 I have an office but I prefer my dining table as the light is better (and I can see the TV through the arch – GASP who said that!)

Is your business closed for CV-19? 

Not so much closed but not so much accessible personally. However, we are always only a text or email away if needed,

What is keeping you going every day? 

Life in general has to go on, it is just different, but we have hope.  I am enjoying having more time to pray – in all honesty my faith is a huge part of that hope.

What are you finding hardest during this time? 

Not really sure, it’s not one thing ‘per se’ it’s just its different. I am amazed, proud and inspired with how we as a nation can dig deep when we have to!

What is your top tip for other business owners? 

Don’t panic! It’s easy to make wrong decisions from fear and anxiety whilst the things you face are real. Surround yourself with people you can talk to, reach out and don’t worry. You are not alone.  Don’t feel silly for any of your thoughts because the chances are someone else has been or is in your shoes too.

Please say something positive about CV-19.

I can’t say anything positive about the virus but the situation it bought about has proven to us how strong and resilient we are and it has forced us to take a step back and re-evaluate what is and isn’t important and whilst I hate what is happening that in itself is a good thing, it doesn’t hurt to get a new perspective.

What does your new ‘day in the life of’ look like? 

Me getting up as normal, checking emails as normal, working, spending a little longer in my PJ’s, not wearing makeup (scary) and trying not to snack. Also taking time to check in and catch up with friends and family which I will continue to do. I know work/life balance can and sometimes did hinder that.

Please share a positive quote to keep others going:

This is only for a season.  Remember to love each other and be kind – it will be ok!  You’re doing great. I am here if you need a friend.

So, Helen at Elite Events ECL is one of those businesses where things have stopped or been cancelled, yet she is still staying positive. If you’d like to know about Helen at Elite Events ECL or maybe you’re thinking of an event for when all this is over; check out her website.