How do you support your business owner friends? I was exhibiting with my team at the Peterborough Biscuit Business Exhibition on 22nd February, after setting up on 21st February. For any other exhibitors, you will know it’s a long and tiring day. While the event only runs from 9am until 3pm, you are on your feet all day. You’re talking to loads of new people. You need to set up and pack down. Plus eat all those treats from other stands – it’s not easy!

After my long day at the Peterborough Biscuit Business Exhibition, I went to a 45-minute class of Clubbercise. It was definitely not what I wanted to do when my back and feet were aching, head banging, and my eyes were struggling to stay open – but it was important that I was there.

Wednesday 22nd February was the first ever class my friend and neighbour taught. She needed support from her friends. On top of that, I needed to show her, as a fellow business owner, that I supported her. I wanted to show my love and support, no matter how tired and achy I was. I wasn’t alone either. Her partner’s friend was there, completely out of his depth and surrounded by ‘whooping’ women – but he wanted to support her too.

What else was really incredible was the fact that another Clubbercise instructor was there too. Sarah runs the group that Racheal attends. It was Sarah that supported Racheal in setting up on her own. Even though Rachel’s class could be seen as competition for hers, she was there, supporting her. She was sharing it all over social media too.

It was lovely to see, and it got me thinking.

We all want to show love and support for our friends, but how can you do it when your friend owns a business? You can show up! If it’s an event, class or shop then why not go along?

However, if they sell a service or product that you aren’t a customer for, then there are still ways that you can support them. Ask them about their business and who their customers are.

Here at Creative Content Company, we always say that people buy people. However, people know people too. You never know, your sister-in-law, neighbour or work colleague might be the perfect customer for your friend’s business, you just never realised. This is how you can support your business owner friends.

So, if you fancy trying out Clubbercise with Sarah yourself you can go to Sarah’s classes. They are at Queen Katherine Academy on Monday or The Fleet on Thursday. If you’d like to try Clubbercise with Racheal she can be found teaching classes at Hampton Gardens Secondary School on Wednesdays. Let me know if you’d like more details.

If you know someone that needs help with their website content, blogs or posting on social media – please feel free to send them my way! That is how you can support this business owner friend.