As we have spoken about in previous blog posts, blogs are great for bringing more traffic to your website. However, did you know that you can also use blogs to convert traffic into leads. The blogs give you extra keywords for your SEO. They also give you extra pages for Google to index. This will boost the SEO of your website. But, in this blog post we look at how blogs convert traffic into leads.

Every blog post that you publish is another indexed page for your website. However, every new blog post is also an opportunity to generate new leads for your business. BY just putting a strong call to action or lead-generating call to action within each blog post, you really could use your blogs to covert traffic into leads.

These calls to action could come in any form. It could be a free e-book, a whitepaper, some free top tips or a trial for example. If you can create some good quality content that your audience will be willing to exchange their personal details to see, then share it in your blogs.

This will tell your audience more about you, your business and your business offerings. It will also get them one step closer to becoming a paying client for your business.

So, let’s go step by step through how blogs convert traffic into leads.

Firstly, a visitor searches for something in Google and Google sends them to the blog on your website that is relevant to their search term. The visitor reads the blog post, likes what they see and sees the call to action to a free offer. These are the ideas we have suggested above.

They click on the call to action and go to a new landing page. On this landing page they are asked to give their details. This could include name, email address, size of business, business relevant questions and so on. The visitor to your website fills out the form on the landing page. You get their information, and they receive the content offered.

In simple terms, this is how blogs convert traffic into leads and potential paying customers. No business can convert 100% of the people that read the blogs on the website. However, a well written content offering and call to action will help you.

If you need help with the creation of blogs for your business or a free content offering for your target audience, call our team. We will happily discuss the best content for you and your audience.