We could ask the question “who wants more traffic to their website?”. But the answer is pretty obvious. The more traffic you get to your website, the more likely conversions are. So, instead in this blog post we thought we would share how blogs drive traffic to your website. Which, in turn, leads to more conversions for your business.

Let’s start by looking at the ways that people find your website.

If they know you, they could enter your website address into their browser. This is great for potential customers that already know you. But if a customer wants to buy what you sell, but they don’t know you – how can they find you?

You could use paid advertising. This works in the short term but can quickly add up. Your potential clients will only be able to find you for as long as you pay for the ads. As soon as you stop your paid ad campaign, new customers won’t be able to find you. When the money for paid ads runs out, the traffic to your website does too.

This is where blogs come in. Blogs drive traffic to your website.

Think about how many pages are on your website? Maybe a couple? A home page, about, services and a contact page?

Now, think about when you last updated your website? Has it even been updated since it went live?

A regularly updated website is great for SEO. Then more pages on your website the better for SEO that is too. Blogging solves both of these issues. Blogs regularly update your website with fresh content and new pages. In turn, your SEO is boosted, and more traffic is directed to your website via Google and other search engines.

The blogs are there forever too. They won’t stop working if you stop blogging. Instead, the more you blog the more success you’ll get – for the longer term.

If you’ll to see how blogs drive traffic to your website, call our team of bloggers now. Our blog writers in Peterborough can create great quality blog post posts and SEO focused titles for your website. Want to know more? Book a free general meeting now.