Today is International Women’s Day and as many of you will know, I am not the type to shout about women’s rights, I’m not a feminist and while I do want equality for women I do not want this to overtake from men, making women more important than men. However, I would like to take this chance to thank some very special ladies on International Women’s Day (and I completely feel there should be an International Men’s Day);

We’re talking business today, in my personal life I am very grateful to women like my Grandma, my Auntie Angela and my two best friends Sarah and Victoria, but as this is my business website I feel it’s probably best we just talk about those that have supported me in business and who I am incredibly grateful to.

I have to start with the incredible Katie Hart. Katie is the owner and founder of Rhetonic and she researches and presents on Gender Marketing. Not only is she an extremely professional, passionate and inspirational person she is also a fabulous business person. Every decision she makes she thinks about from every point of view and every side to ensure it is best for her and all over parties. She is very similar to me in many ways and I feel this is why we have clicked, she also works with prisoners and school students at any opportunity and her focus on making the community a better place makes her a person worthy of recognition on International Women’s Day – in my opinion anyway!

Secondly, it has to be the wonderful Ann Hovell. Many months ago I asked for her help as a one off as I needed a co-host at Creative Networking, many months later she is still be right-hand girl, helping me welcome new people, take payments and sign people in. Ann runs an FM Perfume business and sells some fabulous perfumes, I have purchased three from her (and one for my partner) and they have been commented on many times by others.

Thirdly I would like to recognise Ellen Jackson. Ellen is a fantastic videographer and having seen her work I feel she is one of the best in Peterborough. She first came along to our networking event months ago and has since be a regular attendee. To see the way she has changed from a nervous networker into a person that is well known in many networking circles is just incredible and she should be an inspiration to others that are nervous about networking.

These are just 3 of the women that I felt needed recognition on International Women’s Day, of course there are many more women that deserve recognition – these are just the three that I chose this year!

Who do you think deserves recognition today, on International Women’s Day?