Previously search engines were not very robust, there were lots of cheeky and naughty things you could to that will help your website get higher up the rankings on search engines. However, over the years search engines have become more robust and advanced which means you can no longer trick search engines like you could before.

Some ‘naughty’ people were using keyword stuffing as a way of getting higher on the search engines, stuffing in lots of keywords into websites which made the content make no sense but to an inexperienced search engine robot made the content look very relevant, when it wasn’t.

There were different ways of keyword stuffing, some posted keywords throughout the content when it made no sense and made the content just look ridiculous when read by a human being – meanwhile others put keywords in the footer, in the same colour font as the background or by trying to hide keywords behind other objects or images.

Now that search engines like Google are more efficient, advanced and robust these tricks don’t work anymore and by using the keyword stuffing technique on your website it is very likely that your website will be penalised, which means you website will be dropped down the rankings and positions on search engines – putting your competitors above you and therefore making your competitors easier to find for your target audience.

As we are continually telling our business contacts, clients, colleagues, visitors to our website, those we meet networking and basically anyone that will listen to us –it’s all about the user experience and how the visitor interacts and enjoys your website.

You need to take the time to write the content for your website or outsource your content writing needs to a website copywriter. The content created for your website needs to be unique and layout of your website pages needs to be designed for maximum user and visitor experienced.

There are no shortcuts to gaining the love from Google.