Would you like to see a free presentation on social media ideas? Of course, you would! However, I imagine that you’re feeling hesitant as you think that there must be a catch? In which case I have great news. There are no catches.

I’m doing an online presentation at 1Networking. This will be a free presentation on social media ideas that will last no longer than ten minutes. You might not think that’s very long. However, I can assure you that it will be JAM-PACKED with ideas and tips for social media posts.

If you have found yourself struggling for ideas and not knowing what to post on social media, then I have LOTS of ideas for you. These will be shared with you during your presentation. The ideas will be fun and engaging, but relevant to all businesses and people in business. I can then book a free zoom with you afterwards to share more ideas that are unique to you and your business.

Have you got a free 90 minutes in your diary for Tuesday 1st February? Then pop this event in your diary and drop me an email.

While 10 minutes will be the free presentation on social media ideas, there will be more too. You’ll get to promote your business to a room full of business owners. There will also be a chance to network with one other person at random in your own breakout room. Plus, you get to network informally and book meetings with other people you might like the sound of.

The two best things about my free presentation on social media ideas? The networking itself is free, and that includes my presentation. You also don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home or office. This is because it’s all done on Zoom!

Fancy coming along to see my presentation and network with awesome people in business? Drop me a line and I will book you on. The event starts at 12noon. You can log-in from 11.50am. We are then all wrapped up by 1.30pm. As a networking group, we meet every Thursday. So, if you can’t make this week, you could always come another time?

Want to know more about social media ideas or 1Networking? Drop Hazel a line.