If you send email newsletters to your subscriber list and target audience it is a good idea to have a strategy in place to ensure ultimate success from your business email newsletters. We have created a list of top tips for you to follow when it comes to email newsletter strategy and direct marketing tips, these are as follows;

  • KISS –also known as Keep It Simple & Short, or Keep It Simple Stupid, both versions confirm the same point. Avoid jargon in your email newsletters at all costs, make sure you keep things short and simple as well as uncomplicated. Try and keep your email newsletters as concise as possible.
  • Be Regular – it’s important to stay regular with your email newsletters, but if they are too regular then you may find that it comes across as spammy and desperate – that is something you definitely want to avoid. By sending regular email newsletters to your target audience you are keeping your business and your brand at the forefront of the readers mind.
  • Mix It – Try and mix things up to see what works best for you, try mail shots as well as lengthy email newsletters alongside newsletters with special offers. By trying different things out you’ll see what works best for your target audience.
  • Use Offers – As briefly touched on in the last point, use special offers to encourage take up of your services. Create special offers with deadlines to create a sense of urgency as well as incentives for passing new clients your way. Through special offers you are engaging your audience with your business, at the next level.
  • Not Just Sales – Remember your email newsletters are not all about sales, use your newsletter to share links to blog posts, share news of successes for you and your clients along with industry updates and upcoming events.
  • Special Dates – Use newsletters to send kind wishes to the reader at Christmas, over New Year, at Easter and such like. Have a newsletter that thanks people for joining your newsletter and then a year later a special offer to thank them for staying with you for the year.

Do you send newsletters to your contacts? What sort of response are you currently getting?