Looking for easy social media ideas? We’ve got you!

We know that keeping your social media presence for your business isn’t always easy. It can be really tough to come up with ideas of things to post, let alone finding time to post! Here at Creative Content Company, we want to help business owners just like you come up with social media post ideas.

We do this through affordable social media training and useful blog posts like these. In this blog post we share just some of our favourite easy social media ideas. These will be easy for you to create for your business. Your audience will love them too.

  • Behind The Scenes

Social media is about being social. Your audience want to know the real you, the people behind the business. Why not share photos of your office or desk space. Are you attending an event? Take a photo of that and share it on your social media. It could be a client meeting somewhere fancy, or a catch up with a contact out in the sunshine. These photos will show your audience who you are and what you do. The behind-the-scenes snaps help build trust between you and your audience. Pictures are great for social media too – especially real and personal photos.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Every business has those questions that they are asked all the time. By sharing frequently asked questions and their answers on social media, you will make you life a lot easier. You are answering the question before they ask it. This means that your audience don’t need to ask. It also shows your audience that you know what they are thinking, and you are there to help. Further to this, if people are searching for that question or answer online, they could come across your social media post. What a great way of growing your audience online.

  • Introduce Your Team

Just like the behind-the-scenes photos, your audience what to know who is behind the business. By introducing your team, sharing photos of them and talking about their hobbies you will build a relationship with your audience. Your employees are what makes your business what it is. This is why sharing who your team are is such a great idea. It allows your audience to see the faces and find out more about the people that they may only have spoken to before.

Need help coming up with social media posts or managing your social media accounts for business? Call our team of social media professionals in Peterborough now. We will happily help you in any way that we can.