A few years ago, when Creative Content Company was first born and I was still working from my desk in my bedroom, I contacted some local magazines and offered to write a free article for them. The article I wrote for Hampton Gazette was about the search icon on Twitter.

As I was showing off my first published work to people at networking events I was shocked to hear how many people were not even aware of the search facility on Twitter or how it could work for them. I am often discussing with people, who ask me why they should use Twitter how, the search facility could work for them and am astonished that people just aren’t taking advantage of it so I am going to cover it in this blog post, for those not already making the most of the search facility of twitter. Thin of it as a mini twitter training session.

On the top right hand corner of Twitter you will see the magnifying glass and the word ‘search’ in this box you can search for whatever you want. However, when it comes to business you can search for potential clients and it’s really easy.

Think of what people would write or ask to find your business. Lets use the example of a hairdresser in Peterborough. People would type things like “Can you recommend a hairdresser in Peterborough?” or “Where is a good hairdresser in Peterborough?” for example. If you are a hairdresser in Peterborough all you need to do is put Hairdresser in Peterborough in the search bar and you’ll be presented with a list of potential clients.

Make sure you change the setting rom top tweets to all tweets and then reply to these people saying you are a hairdresser in Peterborough, tell them when you have free appointments or even of any special offers you have available. If they have put details of the hairstyle they would like in previous tweets then include this in the tweet to show you’re paying attention.

The search facility can work well in all industries, you just need to think what people will write if they need your business or service and the rest is simple. You can even set up an alert for new tweets asking for your search terms to make sure you are first to find out who needs your services or your business on Twitter.