The team here at Creative Content Company we set up Creative Networking as a way to support local businesses, to give them a place to network with no membership fees or expensive attendance fees, but now we are looking at other ways we can help local businesses. If you are a local business that runs events in Peterborough then this is an article you need to read!

We have 165 ‘networkers’ on our Creative Networking page on Meet Up, this Meet Up account costs £90 per 6 months, so a total of £180 per year. This can be a lot of money if a small business owner or networking group organiser only has a few events a year and it’s a lot of money to give something a ‘go’ and to trial Meet Up; so we got thinking, how can we use our Meet Up account to help events in Peterborough?

We are now offering small businesses, business owners and event organisers in Peterborough the chance to use our Creative Networking – Networking in Peterborough page to advertise their events, to trial Meet Up for themselves and to approach our 165+ members of this page.

If you are organising an event in Peterborough it will cost you just £25 per event, or 5 events for £100. We will upload the event for you and then you will be host and organiser of the event, allowing you to invite people, share the event and message those that are planning on attending.

At the beginning of the event information it will say “This event is organised and hosted by …. – a member of Creative Networking” and the rest of the information will be your own.

This opportunity allows you the chance to try out Meet Up and to see if it works for you, before spending £180 a year. It also means you can advertise a one off event without it costing you an arm and a leg.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity then give us a call – we are always happy to help you and your business achieve more!