Here at Creative Content Company we offer newsletter creation as a service to our clients, but it’s one of those things where we just don’t practice what we preach. Instead we send a newsletter every now and again when we have a minute and never quite expect them to work… but do they actually work?

I sent out a newsletter in October, it went to no more than 200 people, it was an update sharing links to our one year anniversary, special offers on blogging and social media, details about the Destination Digital grant that get you 40% off our services if you’re in Cambridgeshire, top tips and latest news in the ‘online presence’ world and links to the upcoming Creative Networking events.

From this newsletter I had five enquiries and two clients booked my services straight away, one for website content and one for blog posts. I also had an email from another contact who has received another email from a business that did the same thing as me, the other was very spammy and boring but my contact said he found mine to be interesting and engaging and he’s actually forwarded it to a client of his who may find it interesting too.

Karen Williams of KJ HR Consulting Ltd creates a fabulous weekly newsletter, the content is friendly, engaging and interesting and I have often passed it onto other businesses or recommended that people sign up to her newsletter.

The main reason I recommend newsletters is because it’s a great way of reminding existing clients and business contacts that you are there. Include information about what you have been doing, stick in a special offer and maybe some top tips. When creating your newsletter make sure you create something that you would enjoy reading – if you find it boring your reader will too.

If you need help creating a newsletter for your business let us know, MailChimp is an excellent platform but it can be tricky to set up the template – we can do that for you and we can even create the content for you too if you’d like?