In short, the answer is yes. You do need a Facebook personal page to have a business page. This is because you need to log into a personal profile to get access to the business page. However, the reason that many businesses ask us is because they don’t want their personal stuff on the business page. But that isn’t the case.

When you log into your personal Facebook profile, you then go to the Facebook business page. At this point, you switch to the business. This means that all posts, updates and comments come from the business. Your name is only used if you want it to be. Check out our Creative Content Company Facebook page for example. We have 4 people in the team, but, unless stated, you can’t tell who posted which update or status.

One way that businesses consider getting round this is by setting up a profile page in their business name. In our case that would be First Name: Creative and Surname: Content Company. However, this is risky. Facebook don’t approve of it and if they see it, you could have your page deleted. This goes for your ‘personal profile’ with the business name, and your Facebook business page too. In some cases, competing businesses will happily report you to Facebook too. This is their way of getting rid of the competition!

It is possible that we can look after your Facebook business page forever, so you don’t need a personal profile. However, this comes with risks too. While you know your page will be in safe hands, what if we were to be in a terrible accident? You would no longer be able to gain access to your Facebook business page. In fact, it is likely that it would be lost forever.

This is why it is recommended that you have personal profile page. We can still stay connected to your Facebook business page and manage the account for you. However, if the worst was to happen – you know you still have access to your business through Facebook.