Since doing a recent blog post on #FF added with my experience as a Twitter Account Manager I was asked what RT meant and now I have been asked what DM means. I think it is purely down to the fact that I was an absolute twitter idiot with no idea what a tweet was let alone how to use HootSuite. I was the ultimate Twitter Twit and now I am able to explain things in a simple way, without making things over confusing.

I had no idea what RT meant, if I asked on twitter I got the reply ‘Retweet’ and no explanation, if I looked on Google for an explanation I was given a long-winded reply with some much jargon in I had no idea what I was doing.

I then went to a training course with Ann Hawkins and suddenly everything seemed to make sense. So, now here I am – trying to help you 🙂

DM means Direct Message, for example Private Message in your inbox on Facebook. If you want to give someone your email address or such like then you will send it to them by DM (Direct Message) – you do this by hovering your curser over their name and it will come up with the options (Reply, ReTweet or Direct Message), you want Direct Message, it looks like an envelope with 3 arrows on.

If you tweet any of your followers can read that tweet, it you DM then only the person you are sending it to can read it.

Another way of sending a DM is writing “d hazellcottrell” – so you put  ‘d’ then a space, then the name (do not put the speech marks, this was purely to show you the area!)

You can only send a DM to someone that is following you, so if you need to send their details they need and then ask them to follow you.

Easy as that! If you would like to know anything else about Twitter then drop me a line, chances are other people are wondering the same thing!
Remember – I am not a Social Media Princess, just a Twitter Twit that has found the light!