If you’re looking to create friendly email newsletters for your business that are eagerly anticipated then this is the blog post for you, we have put together some top tips for creating a friendly newsletter that will be loved;

Firstly you need to stop talking about your list and your subscribers, instead write your newsletters as if you are writing to one person only. This will make your email seem more personal instantly and will therefore come across as a more friendly email newsletter.

Don’t waste peoples time or they won’t enjoy your email newsletters or look forward to receiving them, instead only email with valuable or helpful things that you want to say to your subscribers, customers and potential customers.

When you send out business email newsletters be useful. Aim to be helpful, generous, friendly and like a real friend to your readers in every business newsletter that you send. Don’t just send email newsletters when you need something from them.

The newsletter is coming from you, so use your name and use your email address as the ‘from’ address on your business newsletter. It’s much more personal and will be an email newsletter that is more likely to be opened too.

Be honest and trustworthy with your email newsletter, of course sales messages should be part of your email marketing and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re honest about that. Let your readers know what to expect from your newsletter.

It’s great to personalise the business newsletters you send, but don’t make it creepy or like a salespersons script by repeating the readers name over and over and over again throughout the email newsletter.

Remind your readers that you are on their side; explain the struggles that other readers and customers have had so they feel they’re not alone. Emphasize with the readers and ask them how you can help them, as well as offering help in the email newsletters.

Reward your readers to ensure that they benefit from reading your email; this could be a useful tip, a huge discount or even a freebie. The idea is of the email newsletter should be to inspire the reader and make them feel better.

If you need help with your business email newsletters then drop us a line, we can design a template for you or create the content for your newsletter. We can even review your newsletter and let you know of any improvements you can make.