As you will see in our previous blog post, or on our social media, there is some new COVID-19 funding available. We have come across it because one of our clients wants to use the funding to cover the cost of some mindfulness blog posts.

We created our previous blog post to see if we could help anyone else get our services paid for with the COVID-19 funding. But then our thoughts went to the next level. Maybe you (yes you) could offer your services to businesses in this industry to help them pay for your services?

There is a really quick turnaround on the COVID-19 funding. Applications need to be in by 17th April and the project needs to be ready to start by June 2020.

If you have a service or a target audience in these industries that you think can get funding for your services then let us know. You need to get the word out quickly and we can help do that for you.

You can have a one off blog post talking about the service you can offer under the COVID-19 funding. We can create this 300-600 word blog post for you within a few days. You just need to pop it on your website and email links out, or pop it on social media. We can do a one-off blog post on this topic for £30 for you.

Alternatively, we can share posts or links to your blog post on social media for you. A post every day on 1 social media platform will cost £25 a week. You can use this service for as little as 1 week, or you can have it for longer.

Finally, we can create a send a newsletter (via mailchimp) to your target audience for you. This will be contacts that you have permission to email. We could link back to your blog post or talk about the topic in your newsletter. We will discuss what you can offer the reader within this service and hopefully you can gain a new client!

If you want to support others through this time and think the COVID-19 funding will be of interest to your contacts, let us know! Remember – you only have until 17th April!

Here at Creative Content Company we work hard helping businesses increase their online presence. If a business can get funding for us to do that for them, then even better!