We have recently come across some COVID-19 funding available for businesses within the food processing, manufacturing and supply industries. If you have a business in one of these industries then I think you will find this funding really useful to help move your business forward during uncertain times.

The reason we have become aware of this COVID-19 funding is because one of our clients are using the funding for us to write blog posts for their website.

The funding is applicable to businesses within the food manufacturing, processing or supply industries. Or the funding is available for those businesses that respond in any way to societal health, well-being, recreation, entertainment, education and cultural needs.

A project can last up to 6 months and must be ready to start by June 2020. The funding must be applied for by 17th April, so it is a really quick turnaround on this funding. Applicants must demonstrate a clearly innovative and ambitious idea that would realistically and significantly meet a societal need that has emerged or increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initial ideas that have gained funding in this way include the support of local sales of local produce, the use of web technologies to share recreational activities and more.

If you have always considered blog posts for your website, or you’d like some fresh content for your website or even some community focused posts on your social media now could be the time. The funding will enable you to try our services, while increasing your SEO and getting your brand and business out there.

Please see details below of the COVID-19 funding available.

COVID-19 Funding For Food Processing, Manufacturing And Supply Industries

If there is anything we can help you with in regards to services that you can get funding for, please contact us directly. We can offer a monthly campaign in monthly payments, or a one off cost for a project for the months ahead.

Here at Creative Content Company we work hard helping businesses increase their online presence. If a business can get funding for us to do that for them, then even better!