FAQ blog posts are a really great way of helping your target audience. They answer a question that your target audience want to know. The FAQ blog post helps get your business and website found on search engines and it portrays you as that ‘helpful friend’.

So how about a coronavirus FAQ blog for your business?

This blog post can cover those questions that you are being asked frequently by your target audience. If you’re a hairdresser it may be questions about hair care during lockdown, for example. Estate agents are being asked about selling their homes at this time. Meanwhile cloud computing suppliers are being asked about best home-working tools for them.

By creating a blog post that answers the common questions asked during this uncertain time. A coronavirus FAQ blog for your business shows that your website is up to date. This is great for people visiting your website, but it’s good for Google to see too.

You can also include your own FAQs in their too. For example, we could say we are frequently asked if we are still open for business. This is our chance to say that Yes, we are. The office in Norman Cross is closed, but we are working from home and continuing business as normal.

You may find that you spend a lot of time answering the same coronavirus questions through emails and social media. By answering these questions in a blog post, when asked again you can just direct the person to your blog post where they can find all the answers that they need.

If there are lots of coronavirus questions that you are being asked, then have more than one coronavirus FAQ blog for your business. The same goes for each if question has a lengthily answer. Just create one new coronavirus FAQ blog for your business for each frequently asked question.

Remember: use the question as the title of the blog post so it gets found on Google when people ask that question.

If you don’t have the time or skills to write the blog post yourself, please contact us. We can write the blog post for you and even upload it to your website if you have WordPress.