Here at Creative Content Company we are big fans of networking; it is what has grown our business to what it is now. We feel that networking helps gain connections and build relationships, it grows brand awareness and helps build confidence, it helps you keep your sanity when you are a one person business just starting out, it teaches you new skills and things you never knew but can significantly help a business.

Networking also helps you grow your business through word of mouth, recommendations, referrals, sales and new clients making it a highly recommended and extremely worthwhile marketing tool for you and your business.

We joined Connect Business Networking in Peterborough late in 2017 and it has been a hugely beneficial group for us. Here is my recommendation for Connect Business Networking;

I genuinely cannot recommend Connect Business Networking in Peterborough with Tracey Yearwood &  enough; for many reasons!

Not only is it a fab networking event at a great venue with delicious breakfast, ample parking and wonderful business attendees; it is well organised, the lay out suits me and the style / timing works for me too.

The spotlights sessions and experience / knowledge in the room have been incredible and I have learnt so much. It is also very reasonably priced (around £50 a month for 2 breakfast networking events each month).

But on top of all that I have gained 4 new clients since joining in November – I have already invoiced £540 for the work completed and have another £255 for clients on an ongoing monthly basis for the foreseeable future!

On top of this I have 2 one-2-ones booked in with existing members of the group who want to chat about what I can do for them. PLUS there are always new faces in the room too, so who knows how much more work I could get from this room!?!?!!?

I have never received such high return on investment from any networking group I have attended.

If you’d ever like to pop along and see this group / what they offer then drop me a line and I’d be happy to bring you as my guest; at only £15 as a guest so well worth a go!