Here at Creative Content Company charity is something that is close to our hearts. Hazel, our Director has done lots of fundraising over the last 15yrs and helped to raise some substantial amount of money for numerous charities. It was only a matter of months before she had to find a way for Creative Content Company to help support a charity too.

The chosen charity of Creative Content Company for 2014 is Shelter. Shelter work hard to help millions of people each way struggling with homelessness or living in bad housing, they also work hard campaigning against homelessness and bad housing in the first place.

We are only in our first few months at Creative Content Company and things are very busy, the business is rapidly expanding through clients and also staff meaning it is hard for a charity fundraiser to be organised. So, the team at Creative Content Company have chosen to donate part of the company’s profits to Shelter on a monthly basis.

We hope to be able to arrange a charitable fundraiser in the future but as the months fly by so quickly; by giving a monthly donation we knew that something would still be donated to this worthwhile charity.

Hazel encourages us all to think of the homeless or those living in bad conditions every time we shiver, or when we are tucked up in bed comfy and warm or even when enjoying a nice hot shower in the morning. This may be a simple essential to us, but to some people this is only a dream.

If you would like to help raise funds for Shelter please contact Hazel for more details.