Blogging is essential for small businesses to help them get found of search engines such as Google, we are always saying this and many feel this may be because it is a service we sell therefore we are going to promote it but this is simply not the case and the following stats about business blogging should help confirm that blogging for your business really is a good idea!

Companies that have a blog on their website have 55% more visitors to their website than companies that do not blog; this means you are attracting 55% more potential customers to your website from right under your competitors’ noses.

Understandably, 70% of consumers would prefer to get to know more about a company through articles and blog posts instead of adverts; isn’t that the same for all of us? Further to this 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after they have read custom content on the business website and 70% of consumers feel that blogs influence what they buy and who they buy it from.

Among larger brands and businesses, more than 50% of the brands that blog just once a month gained at least one new customer each month due to their blogging and content marketing efforts; however as a small business embracing blogging you will be expected to see 126% more growth in the terms of leads, when compared to those small businesses that do not blog at all.

We mentioned that business blogging is great for SEO; in fact having a blog on your website will give your website 97% more indexed links and this will just add to what we like to call the ‘Google Love’ which helps you climb up the ranking ladder on search engines.

2 out of 3 marketers have stated that blogging is critical or important to their business while research shows blogging influences purchasing decisions more than social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter; but blogging isn’t just for B2C businesses, B2B companies that blog will generate 67% more leads than those B2B companies that do not blog.

If you would like help coming up with blog post ideas, need someone to write your blog posts for your business or just want to find out more about blogging for business then give our friendly team a call; we’ll be only too happy to help!