If you’re looking to blog for growth, to improve the hits to your website, to grow your community and to encourage more people to read your blog posts then this could be a very helpful blog post for you. We will be talking about how you can blog to grow your community.

Blogging for growth is easy, when you know how!

Leave Off The Stats For A Bit

It’s easily done, an hour after we have posted our first blog post we want to pop on and measure the stats, see how many people have read our blog post, where they came from, how long it took them to read the blog post and if they shared out. It’s really important that you don’t measure the stats too early.

If you are only a few months into your blog posts it’s too soon to be obsessing over daily numbers, and it’s basically a waste of time. Install google analytics and after 3-4 months have a look at the numbers. This will then give you a proper guide of how you’re getting on.

Make It Shareable

The majority of your online content will be read online so make sure that your content is easy to share. Put sharing buttons to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Faceboook and other platforms that you use and readers can then just click the link to share the post.

If you make it hard for the reader to share your content it is likely that they just won’t bother sharing it, so make your content as easy to share as possible.

Encourage A Support Network

When you’re a brand new blog writer you will want all the support you can get so why not encourage your community to help you out. Put unfinished posts in forums or groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and ask the community for their thoughts.

People are always willing to help and if you note their help in the blog post you’ll find you’ve made yourself a loyal fan that will be more than happy to tell their friends all about you. Show the community you are grateful for their help and they’ll continue to support you.

Don’t Underestimate Networking

You should never, ever underestimate the importance of networking. You need to connect with your readers and also other bloggers that blog on separate or similar topics within your industry. These bloggers will then connect back with you. If you’re not connected with your readers and other bloggers you will be missing out.