Here at Creative Content Company we work with a lot of business owners that don’t have time to blog so we write blog posts for them. Other business owners don’t have the skills to blog, so we blog for them. However we also have some clients that can’t come up with the ideas for blog posts, so we offer a service of blog post ideas. An example of this service can be seen below, with our blog post ideas for solicitors.

Every now and again we try and share blog post ideas for different industries. This is for two reasons. One, in this example of blog post ideas for solicitors, is to help solicitors with some ideas for free. The second reason is because we speak to so many different business owners of different industries that say there is nothing to blog about for their business. These blog posts full of blog post ideas show that there are blogs for every industry.

Please see below for just 3 blog post ideas for solicitors. If you know a solicitor in need of blog post ideas please feel free to share this blog post with them;

  1. My partner and I have broken up but are on good terms, do we need a solicitor?

This blog should explain the reasons that solicitors are needed regardless of how well the break-up goes, where things can change and how a solicitor can help a divorce run smoothly.

  • Seven Serious Operator Licence Offences

In this blog post you are portraying yourself as an expert while helping others. List the seven most serious operator licence offences and what they mean or how to avoid them. Then explain how you can help people accused of these offences, and what you can do.

  • Can I be a regulated professional if I have a criminal conviction?

There have been many stories in the news about solicitors and MPs that have been given sanctions from the regulatory bodies further to a drink driving conviction. Discuss the cases and share a bit about them before going on to explain how you can help someone in that situation.

If you’d like some blog post ideas or blogs written for you, then let us know.