Are you a keynote speaker looking for more venues and events? A lot of work is likely to come through recommendations and word of mouth. This will be from people that have seen you before at other events. However, how can you get new opportunities? We share one of the things you can do to get more work as a keynote speaker through your online presence. Here we share blog post ideas for keynote speakers.

By using these blog post ideas for keynote speakers, you can boost your online presence. This will help ensure that more people see you and your services. In turn, this could result in more booking for you. So, let’s look at some of our blog post ideas for keynote speakers. Remember – if you need support with blog writing, we can do that for you.

  • Why Events Need Good Keynote Speakers

Talk about how to make an event successful with good keynote speakers. Include the benefits that a keynote speaker like you can offer an event. This can include things like engagement, thought to go away with, discussion points and more.

  • How A ‘topic’ Keynote Speaker Could Work At Your Event

This could be a series of blog posts. In each one, discuss a different topic that you can keynote speak on. Go on to explain what the topic will cover. Talk about why this would be interesting for attendees and the feedback that organisers can expect from your keynote talk on that topic.

  • What ‘area / client’ Thought Of ‘topic’ Talk

This is a chance to tell people you are an awesome keynote speaker without saying it. Instead, you can use feedback and testimonials from that talk or event. You could choose the geographical area, to help get more keynote speaking work in that area. Alternatively, you could use the client’s name or industry, to get more work from similar clients.

These are just some of our blog post ideas for keynote speakers. You are welcome to book a blog brainstorming session where we come up with more blog post ideas that are unique to you. Don’t forget, if you’re not sure about writing the blog posts yourself, our Peterborough blog writers can do it for you.