In this blog post we share blog post ideas for clients for recruitment agencies. One thing that is really interesting for some industries, like recruitment agencies, is that they have two completely different audiences. For example, with recruitment agencies, they have the client which are the businesses that pay them. They also have the candidate. These are the people that work for the companies that pay the recruitment consultant. Without both sides, the recruitment agency won’t work.

There may also be times when you have a lot of one audience but need more of the other. This is why we have together these blog post ideas for clients for recruitment agencies. In a future blog post, we share blog post ideas for agencies looking to attract candidates.

– How To Shortlist CVs

– How To Write A Job Description

– The Difference Between A Job Description And A Job Advert

– Creating An Onboarding Process

– What To Do On A New Employees First Day

– Face To Face Interview Tips

– Top Questions To Ask In An Interview

– How To Run A Smooth Online Interview

– How Long Should Your Interview Process Be

– Clever Interview Hacks

– The Cleaner Interview Hack

– The Coffee Shop Interview Hack

– The Receptionist Interview Hack

– Top Tips For A Phone Interview

– How To End An Interview The Right Way

– How To Give A Good Interview

– Red Flags To Look Out For In An Interview

– The Importance Of Rewarding Your Team

– How To Recognise Your Employees

– Tips For Managing Remote Workers

– Could WFH Work For Your Business?

– What Should Your Interview Look Like?

– What Do You Want To Gain From An Interview?

– The Importance Of A Good Company Culture

– How To Thank Your Staff At Christmas

– Christmas Team Building Ideas

– What Motivates Your Team?

– How To Make Your Job Stand Out

– What Are Job Seekers Looking For?

Remember, you are welcome to use these blog post ideas for clients for recruitment agencies yourself. Alternatively, our blog writing team in Peterborough can create the blog posts for you. Call us now to find out more, or to book a blog brainstorming session.