If you run a gym, chances are you have just had a very busy period in January. Everyone has been sat at home eating and drinking lots over the festive period. January has come round and they want to lose the weight that they have gained. It’s cold and wet outside, so the gym seems like the best option. As a gym owner, it’s important that you keep your gym users engaged. You also need to continue attracting new gym users as this busy period will end. That’s why we have put together these blog post ideas for a gym. 

Feel free to use these blog post ideas for a gym yourself. Alternatively, contact our Peterborough blog writers with your favourite blog post ideas form below. We can then write the blog posts for you and you can upload them to your website as your own. So, these are our blog post ideas for a gym – don’t forget to let us know what you think.

  • Why Workout On A Monday.

Talk about the fact it’s a great start to the week and it ticks the first exercise of the week off. In the blog post you can talk about the classes you run on a Monday. Why not share tips of exercises after a lazy weekend? You could also talk about how often gym users should be attending the gym each week and why. 

  • The Best Workout For (insert struggle). 

This is your chance to help your target audience feel like you understand them and their pain points. The struggle could be to lose weight, to tone up, to prepare for a marathon or similar. In the individual blog posts you can share the best exercises to do in your gym. Share details about the gym equipment that will help them and talk about how it will work and why.

  • Monthly Challenge And Top Results.

Why not run monthly challenges in your gym. This will help people improve their fitness but it will keep them coming back to the gym too. Your blog post could talk about the challenge for the month ahead and share the results of the previous months challenge too. Make sure you vary the challenges so there is a chance for all gym users to be winners for different challenges.

These are just three blog post ideas for a gym. If you would like any more blog post ideas or help writing blog posts for your gym, give us a call. We will happily chat through some ideas with you.