Creating blog content about your business that makes your customers fall in love with isn’t always easy. However, it is possible to create blog content that makes customers engage. In turn, this will result in a steady stream of leads, customers and referrals. It’s important to create blog content that makes customers engage as this will increase the views of your blogs, boost your traffic and improve the social sharing of your business too.

So, how can you create blog content that makes customers engage?

  • Be Clear

You need a clear and focused point of view. This will keep you to your point. It will also ensure that you share your views on the topic. By writing blog content that is relevant to your audience and your industry, you will grab the readers attention. It will make it fresh to your brand and be different from what everyone else is saying.

  • Chat

A blog is meant to be informal. Try and create blog content that is conversational. Imagine you are taking to a friend or a potential customer that has come into your store or business. Create interesting content that is relevant to your business, brand and industry. People have come to your blog as they want to know more about your business. Don’t let them down. Make sure that the blog content written is reflecting the culture of the business. Try to avoid jargon and buzzwords where possible.

  • Optimise

While you want people to read your blog, you need to write it with Google in mind. It is your SEO ranking from Google that will get the blog post seen by your audience. It is that which will give you blog content that makes customers engage. Think shorter paragraphs and white space to make it easier to read too. Make sure you consider your keywords and how you will use them too.

  • Headlines

It’s the headline that makes you read an article in the newspaper. This is the same for blog posts. Think about your title and how to make that grab the attention of your target audience. Use emotive words. Share how the blog will help solve a problem in the title. Spend time working on your headlines as these will help your target audience want to read your blog post.

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