Here at Creative Content Company we don’t like to be those people that jump on the band wagon and follow the trend, but when it comes to Black Friday – we also didn’t want to miss out on all the fun and we don’t want our fans, followers, clients and contacts to either, so we have created a Black Friday special offer.

From 6am until 9pm on Friday 27th November, also known as Black Friday, we will be open to orders for a £15 blog post via the shop on our website. This can normally cost you up to £40 for a one-off blog post so as you can see this is a massive saving (of 60%) to make on Black Friday – giving you more money to buy Christmas gifts.

The blog post will be 300-600 words in length, as recommended by Google as a suitable length for SEO purposes. It will be based on your business or industry and will include your keywords. It will be unique, fresh, engaging and SEO friendly.

The Black Friday special offer is open to everyone including existing, previous and brand new visitors to the website but it is only available for additional blog posts and therefore cannot be used instead of existing ordered blog posts, but as additional blog posts for the business.

Only one Black Friday special offer can be claimed per business and blog posts will be delivered as a word document via email for the business to upload the blog, within 7 days of the order being placed via the shop on our Creative Content Company website.

A blog post is a great way of giving your business a voice, of making Google give you a little bit more love and of giving visitors to your website a little bit more – why not order your next blog post from our team of incredible content writers?

Do it on Black Friday and you’ll save an extra 60%!!!