Most of us will have set up a LinkedIn account at some time; LinkedIn is one of the oldest business social media platforms there are and at some point all of us will have looked into it or set up an account with it – but are we all still using it? For many of us, the answer is no!

LinkedIn was a hard platform to get your head round, it’s not like Facebook or Twitter where you can go to your profile page and see what you have posted, you also can’t go to a contacts page and see what they have posted either – you just get what LinkedIn shows you on the newsfeed.

However, if you are selling business to business then it is a social media platform you need to use and understand as it is very likely, when used well, that you will get business from it and you will definitely increase awareness for your brand and business.

Personally, I recommend you use personal pages if you only have a few people in your team, business pages on LinkedIn are for large companies and brands. You ideally want to update your LinkedIn account with a new post a few times a day, this could be an update of what you’re doing, an example of the work you do or a link to a blog post or relevant link.

It’s a great idea to join the groups as well, either groups that are for the industry you are in or local networking groups that you have attended and know members of.

When thinking about what to write on your LinkedIn page think about the audience you are trying to attract through this avenue, what they would like to see, know about and learn about. It’s a great idea to add images if you can as this is something that stops people scrolling and attracts attention which is a great way to get your voice heard among others.

LinkedIn can be a great platform to use for business, but very often it’s a profile that is set up and forgotten about so if you have an old account make sure you check your profile. Check that it is up to date and relevant and if not update it. In fact, if it’s not been touched for over a year then update it, give it a fresh lick of paint!

If you’re doing LinkedIn but you’re not sure you’re doing it right book onto one of our Review Days at Bewiched Coffee in Peterborough where we can run through your LinkedIn account face to face and help you improve it, or we can brainstorm with you for new ideas of what you can post on your account.