If you are creating email newsletters for your business it’s important that you keep them balanced. Your target audience don’t watch TV for the adverts and they won’t want to read your email newsletters to hear more about you, your business, your products and your services throughout the whole newsletter. So, in this article we teach you how you can balance your newsletter

Even though the subscribers to your newsletter will most likely love you and everything about you, they won’t want to hear about you 100% of the time so to balance your newsletter content ideally you want to aim for 90% education and 10% promotional to stop your target audience and readers from tuning out or turning off.

A perfect example of this, we love networking tips and tips for small businesses so we signed up to a mentor to get their newsletters for free. They give us top small business tips to help us achieve more and also show us how we can help more of our clients that are small businesses.

This mentor now sends us multiple emails a week. It always talks about the benefits of her services and how we can pay quite a large amount for 45minutes of her talking at us. It has not got to the point that when we see her name pop up in the email inbox we cringe – we would leave the subscription list but the mentor is quite a formidable character so we just delete the emails each time they come through.

People sign up to your newsletter because they like the idea of getting free tips and pointers that will help them become more successful. They didn’t sign up to your newsletter so you could sell sell sell to them and talk at them. Continue giving your readers and subscribers what they want, and then through in a special offer or two.

Try really hard not to be that company, get rid of all the self promotion and instead give your readers timely and relevant information. Unless you have an truly exciting piece of news on your latest product or service try and leave out all the promotional crap or it will just turn off your readers.