When you are working with a web designer on planning your new website there are two very important things you need to consider; these are the design of website and the content of the website. These are both skills which need creativity and require specialist knowledge so you can maximise the effectiveness on your website – but how can you get both?

Often the website copywriter and the website designer are treated as two completely different people doing two completely different jobs and so they head off in two completely different directions. The web designer is well on their way to creating a beautiful and responsive website, while the copywriter is creating persuasive, entertaining and engaging words for the website content but when put together….. It can sometimes be quite a mismatch.

However this is when it can get tricky, both the copywriter and the web designer are proud of their work, and understandably so, but something has to give because it just doesn’t work together and neither the client, the copywriter or the web designer are happy with the content and that’s just not good enough.

When you are having a website designed you need to make sure your website designer is linked with your copywriter and if you don’t like the copywriter they have in-house then you need to select a website copy writer that you like, and that can work with them and help you achieve your dream website.

If you want a killer website then you need to be thinking about web design and copywriting together. The copywriters here at Creative Content Company are used to working closely with website designers to help clients get exactly what they want and we can even offer our clients a cheaper service if they pay for our website content because we offer discounted rates on website content for website designers.

If you are working closely with a web designer for your website and you’re not sure what to do about the content then get your website designer to give us a call – we can help you get the website for your business that you desire.