Have you noticed fewer adverts on your Twitter account? If you have then congratulations, you’re a VIP. However, if you have not noticed any changes and seen the same amount of adverts on your Twitter feed then sadly you are not a Twitter VIP.

Twitter has created a service for its more prominent users, VIPs, that reduces the number of adverts shown to them in possible attempts to keep them tweeting and to stop them leaving Twitter. This new service began in September and looks to be sticking around.

The good news is that VIPs aren’t just ‘celebs’ or famous tweeters, instead the ‘VIP’ status is down to a number of factors including volume of tweets posted and reach of individual tweets. However, this idea does seem to go against the aim of the company to gain new followers, as it is focusing on existing users and not gaining new users.

As we all know, Twitter is a free social media platform and Twitter makes its money from the ads and we aren’t talking small amounts. In 2015 Twitter generated over $2billion almost entirely for ads so it is unlikely that giving the elite users of Twitter a little tidy up of their live feeds won’t harm the social media platform too much.

A spokesperson for Twitter said that they are constantly looking for ways, constraints and adjustments to optimise which adverts are shown on Twitter and how often these adverts are shown to these users of Twitter.  This follows from the recent announcement that twitter character limits will rise from 140 characters to 1,000 characters so users are able to express themselves more freely.

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