When you are new to running your own business, you are tempted to be everywhere and anywhere. This includes every networking event, every local magazine and every social media platform. However, as time goes on you start to wonder if you need to be everywhere. You also start to hear opinions and viewpoints from other people in business. It may seem like these people have more experience and knowledge than you, so you take on board what they have to say.

One of the things that us commonly said is that FB pages are dead. In this blog post we look at Facebook pages and answer the question if they really are dead. One thing to remember is that the fact you know what a Facebook page is, is because it isn’t dead.

A second thing to remember is that Facebook has been created to make money. You can’t pay for paid ads if you don’t have a Facebook page. This is why we don’t believe Facebook pages are dead. In addition, unless Facebook completely overhauls how it’s paid ads work, Facebook pages never will be dead and certainly not overnight.

Facebook pages are still live and active, so if your audience are on Facebook, you need to use them. One way of keeping your Facebook page active is with paid ads. However, there are other things you can do to keep your page active and engaging for your audience.

For example, you could use a social media scheduling tool to keep posting frequently and consistently. Make sure you have your notifications turned on so you can respond to your fans as they engage with your content. It can also be a good idea to plan your content in bulk. This can include things such as images, quotes, photos and short videos for example.

Every now and again we would recommend that you invite new people to your Facebook page. This could be clients, customers and suppliers, or even new friends that might be interested in your business offering or services. Take the time to give your loyal followers a shout out too. This will let them know they are being seen and you are grateful for their support.

If you’re really not keen on the world of Facebook but want your business on there, call us. We can manage your social media platform for you. It’s just £50 a month for 3 posts a week on the platform of your choice. This social media posting service will ensure that your Facebook page stays active and engaging for your target audience.

Are FB pages dead? We don’t think so. What do you think?