The Annual Careers Awareness Day at St Peter’s School is an event I have attended previously and love the idea of, in fact it was this event that gave me the idea of the Careers Awareness Day that I ran at Linchfield Primary School based on this set up and idea.

I was very pleased to receive an email to ask me to attend again, to which I immediately said Yes to – and I wanted to share the event with all of you to see if you would like to come along too. Every time I post about an event like this I get the response that my followers wish they knew and they would love to get involved too; so this is your chance!

It is an Annual Careers Day on Tuesday 11th July, 8.30am-12.30pm at St Peter’s School in Huntingdon.

The event previously has been a huge success due to those volunteers that have helped and this is why the event is taking place again. This event gives students the chance to interact with employers, business owners and those in business which allows them to gain great insights into occupational sectors, careers and industries that will help the students form their future decisions.

St Peter’s School hopes the event this year will help to inspire our young learners to progress into various careers and industries (that they may not have considered before or even been aware of) when they leave school.

They plan to have the hall filled with exhibitors and the performing arts block will be utilised as a speed dating styled career session with tables seating a representative from a particular industry sector, whereby students would move from table to table in small groups and ask questions and interact.   

I would personally be delighted if you were able to support this event and take part in the speed styled careers sessions, as would the school and event organisers.  It helps inspire the students and offer insights into the types of roles available along with skill set and qualities required for different roles.  

As you will know by previous blog posts and social media updates, we have attended many schools to help and volunteer at different careers events and such like – this is the only school that I have received a thank-you letter, in the post, from the head teacher.  Your help and input really is appreciated.

Please let me know if you would like to be involved and I will happily connect you with Laura and her team.​