Periscope is a really great way of promoting your business and building up trust with your target audience, for free. It’s a live video feed where you broadcast to people all over the world, people come and join you, watch you broadcast and they can ask questions while you broadcast and you can answer them live. However, Periscope is brand new and it can be scary so in this article we have created a beginners guide to Periscope.

The team here at Creative Content Company were new to Periscope just a few weeks ago, we’re not claiming to be experts but we are able to put a beginner’s guide to periscope into simple words and steps that are easy to understand so you can get yourself on periscope easily.

Firstly you need to download the Periscope App onto a mobile device. Although you can watch from a PC you can only broadcast from a mobile device so you’ll need to download the Periscope App to be able to start broadcasting how amazing you are to the world. Please read our blog post on Understanding the Periscope Icons to help you get around the Periscope app.

When the app is downloaded we recommend you should go to the 4th icon and click on the face in the top right hand corner and change your bio. It will have copied over from your Twitter bio so you want to change it slightly. Say who you are, what you do and what you will be periscope broadcasting about. It’s a good idea to hashtag each topic you will broadcast about.

It’s a very good idea to spend a few days watching other people periscope broadcasts before you go live, then you know what to expect. You can do this by clicking on the globe and selecting list and then watching videos. Aim for ones that are relevant to you, but also look at random ones to pick up tips.

Whenever you see a periscope broadcast about periscope newbies it is a good idea to watch it so you can pick up some tips and pointers. On the 3rd icon you can broadcast to the world but you’ll need to set up your location, microphone and camera first but that’s dead easy and is literally done at the click of a button.

Pop back soon to read our blog about doing ‘Your First Periscope Broadcast’ and if you need any help in the meantime just drop us a line, we’re always happy to help!