I don’t think I need to tell you that here at Creative Content Company we are an online company and a digital company – I’d like to think you have realised that by now. However – being a digital company does not stop us from loving post!

Nowadays we don’t get much through our letterboxes as a nation; other than a few bills that have not yet moved to the digital world, car tax reminders, charity bags and a pizza or takeaway flyer. Even Christmas cards have reduced, with people sending e-cards or donating the cost of the Christmas cards to charity instead.

But we love post and we think it should be exciting when the postman comes. We think real post is engaging, personal and thoughtful.

For example; when #Celebrating5Years we had three events; a day at the polo, a big party at an art gallery and stands at Business Booth Networking.

People were invited to the polo via a posted invitation, we then followed this up with a thank-you letter to thank them for coming along, and this included printed photos of the professional photos taken of them on the day.

The same can be said for our birthday party at Norman Cross Art Gallery; most people were invited with a ‘real’ invitation, just like you used to get back in the olden days! These were handed out at networking events or posted to people. We then sent out thank-you letters to those that came and celebrated with us, and again, these included printed versions of the photos taken at the event that included them.

And finally, we booked 10 stands for the Business Booth Networking; although invites for these were sent as an email, because we needed to get them out quickly – we sent thank-you cards to those that had a stand of ours and these included printed photos of them, with us and with their stand that were taken by our professional photographer.

At Christmas we will send out Christmas cards just like we have done before, and we will continue to do for years to come.

What are your thoughts on ‘real post’ – does it spark excitement for you like it does for us?