While it might seem that Christmas was only a few months ago, it will soon be here again. This means you need to think about your online Christmas marketing. It won’t be long until we hear the sounds of sleigh bells and Mariah Carey on the radio along with the Christmas adverts competing for our attention on the TV. You’ll soon go shopping and see Christmas decorations, tubs of chocolates and turkeys filling the shelves.

It seems like Christmas starts sooner every year, so when is the right time to start your online Christmas marketing?

For many consumers, Christmas shopping starts during cyber week which is in November. However, a lot of people start their Christmas shopping before then. This means that your Christmas marketing campaign needs to be well under way before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This will help you make the most of those early Christmas shoppers.

It’s important to note that online shopping is on the rise. Again, why you need to focus on your online Christmas marketing now. Very often there is more choice online than in shops. Online shopping also allows consumers to shop at whatever time they want and in whatever clothes they want. This means that their Christmas shopping can be done in their PJs after a long day of work.

Some people are still nervous about going into busy shops after the pandemic, so they will opt for online shopping over shopping in-store. Plus, it means shoppers can avoid the Christmas crowds, long queues and fights for the last products on the shelves too.

Online shopping is growing in popularity. Even if you have a bricks and mortar shop you need to look at ways people can buy from you online. This could even be vouchers if you’re unable to sell your products or services through your website or social media.

Competition for your target audience’s attention around the festive period is high. Every business is trying to attract the same target audience to their business. If you start marketing and advertising your business early you are giving yourself a chance to get ahead of the game.

Start early to get those ‘touches’ in and build the trust and relationship with your target audience. If you’re not sure where to start with your online Christmas marketing call our online marketing team now. We can help you start your marketing early to increase your share of voice in the busy festive market.