In this blog post we look at why web designers need copy writers. Let me set the scene for you. A small business owner, start-up business or a brand-new business needs a website. They go out and find a brilliant web designer. The business owner has seen websites they like they style and content of. They have dreams of what the website will look like and how it will boost their business.

The web designer loves the ideas and knows they can work with them. They know they can create the dream website for the business owner and can’t wait to get started. Both parties are ready for the website to be created, built and go live.

Then comes the stumbling block.

The business owner expects the web designer to do the content. The web designer expects the business owner to do the content. While the business owner expects a web designer to do it all, that really isn’t how it works. This is why web designers need copy writers. The copy writer can be the middle person to create the content the business owner wants for the website. This can be created before the website is designed or we copy writers can create content to fit the layout of the planned website.

Sometimes business owners choose to do the content themselves. They see that as a way of saving money and feel it can’t be that hard. The business owner puts together a few lines and sends it to the web designer, but the web designer knows it’s not enough. They go back to ask for more content and the business owner just gets frustrated.

We have also had times when the business owner just takes the content from a competitor’s website and claims it as their own. This is classed as duplicate content. Google will spot that the content has been copied or stolen. The business owner will then be penalised for this. It doesn’t make the web designer look very good either if the competition was to see this.

Web designers need copy writers to get paid sooner and to make projects easier and quicker to manage. Further to see, we can work as white label copy writers for web designers. This means the business owner will think we work for the web designer, and we are not a third party.

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