A question we are often asked here at Creative Content Company is why do people use social media? Business owners often say that they don’t need to use Facebook and similar sites for their business. They feel all people do is share what they’ve eaten for lunch. Therefore, they don’t use social media themselves.

But, could these business owners be missing out by not having a presence on these platforms?

In this blog post we answer the question why do people use social media? We have gained this information from GlobalWebIndex. They completed research on 77,892 internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 years old. Those involved were asked what their main reasons for using social media sites were. Below is what they found;

  • 42% of people use it to stay in touch with what their friends are doing.
  • 39% of people use it to stay up to date with the latest news and current events.
  • 39% of people use it as something to do in their spare time.
  • 34% of people use it because a lot of their friends are using social media too.
  • 34% of people use it as a way to network generally with other people.
  • 34% of people use it to find and engage with funny or entertaining content.
  • 30% of people use it to share photos or videos with their connections.
  • 30% of people use it as a way to share their views or opinions.
  • 28% of people use it to help them meet new people.
  • 27% of people use it to research or find products to buy.

Lets just look at that last statistic again. More than a quarter of people on social media are using social media to find out more about a product or buy a product. If your business isn’t present on social media and you’re selling what they’re looking for – could you be missing a sale? Well, more than just one sale. This research shows that over 18,000 people are on social media for this reason!

If you don’t want to be on social platforms but want your business to have a presence there – we can help. We can manage your social media for you, so your business has an active presence. Call us now to find out more.