Brands could write their content in-house. However, this can create some difficulties and problems. This is often because of the challenges of time and resources. There are many reasons that brands outsource copywriters to copywriters like us. Below, we share some of the most common reasons that brands outsource copywriting.

Some brands will outsource their copywriting needs because they have a lack of time. Writing a good quality, engaging and SEO friendly blog post takes time. Even if you a brand has an in-house and highly skilled marketing team, they might not have the time to create all the blogs that they need. If they take on their own content writing in-house, it can mean that tasks are unfinished. It can also result in deadlines being missed elsewhere in the business.

Often brands will outsource their copywriting because they have a lack of targeted talent and resources within the business. Not every business has extremely deep pockets. This means that they can’t have in-house copywriters creating the content that they need. When brands outsource their content writing, they can set their budget and pay for the content for their website that they require.

If a brand has increased or overwhelming demands on their in-house staff members, they will look to outsource their copywriting needs. If a brand puts their additional content writing needs onto their existing staff, it can lead to rushed worked and diminishing quality. It could also lead to burn-out for your team. When you outsource your copywriting, you can have blog posts and website page content on demand. We can even manage quick turn-around orders for time sensitive news or new services.

As a brand, you can’t just hire staff when content needs are high, then get rid of them when less content is needed. When brands outsource their copywriting, they gain the short-term scalability that they need.

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