One of the biggest concerns for business owners looking to outsource blog writing, is who owns the blog posts. We have heard horror stories of blog writers that have taken all the blog posts back off a client’s website when the contract has ended.

So, when you outsource blog writing, who is it that owns the blog posts?

As with most things in business, each business is different. Each business has different terms and conditions. Therefore, it is essential that you pay attention to the terms and agreement made out by the blogging company. If it is not stated, then don’t be afraid to ask the question.

Here at Creative Content Company we create the high-quality blog posts for you. Whether you choose to stop working with us a week after you have paid for the blog post, or 5 years after – it is still yours. In our minds, you paid for it, therefore it is yours.

Just as when you go in a restaurant and enjoy your meal. As you leave the restaurant you are not expected to return the food. It’s the same with our blog posts. If you decide that you don’t want us to write anymore blog posts for you that’s fine. The blog posts will stay on your website. You have paid for them, they are yours.

Without going too much into duplicate content, as this is a whole new topic in itself – you need to be wary of taking content from other websites too. If you were to take content from another website and use it, word for word, this would be classed as duplicate content.

There is a risk of having duplicate content on your website if you outsource to an unreliable and unprofessional blogger. However, if you use a professional content writing company, like Creative Content Company for example, then you can rest assured the blog post has been created purely for you and is unique to your business.

If you were concerned about who owns the blog posts when you outsource blog writing, then we hope this blog post (owned by us) helps answer the question and puts your mind at rest.