Here at Creative Content Company we offer social media training to teach you how to manage your social media accounts easier, and we offer social media management so we can post on your social media pages for you while you get on with running your own business.

However, we understand that some business owners have the skills they need to post on social media, but just sometimes run out of ideas. So, each month we put this blog post together with different ideas of things you can share on social media during the month.

In fact this month there are so many awesome national days that you can use that we have turned it into two blog posts; this is the first of the two!

Don’t forget to use the national days as a hashtag to engage with other people talking about the same National Days!

We all know that the internet was made for cat photos and cat videos; so due to the fact that September is Happy Cat Month think how you can use this for your social media. Perhaps you have your own happy cat, you could share happy cat videos or ask your audience to share photos of their own happy cats?

1st September is Be Kind Day or Random Acts of Kindness Day; why not do something kind of your social media pages like offering someone a cake, sharing a customers facebook page, or similar?

International Day of Charity is 5th September; if you have a charity you support then promote them on this day and the things they do. Offer a special deal for charities purchasing your services or products, or give profit of one item sold that day to charity for example.

National Food Bank Day is 7th September so why not collect donations in your office and take them to your local food bank. They will be really grateful for your donation, however big or small!

7th – 9th September is Popcorn Days; use this as a chance to engage with your audience on social media by asking what their favourite film is and why.

9th September is National Teddy Bear Day so have a bit of fun, take your teddy to work and take photos of it around the office and with various members of them team. Encourage your audience to do it too.

Pop back for Part 2 of this blog post sharing the social media post ideas for the second half of September!