Ideally you should be posting on your business social media accounts at least 4-6 times a day, but this can be really tricky for many businesses. They either don’t have the time, the ideas or the know-how.

Here at Creative Content Company we offer social media training for those businesses that don’t know how to post on their social media accounts. For those businesses that don’t have the time we offer training on a social media scheduling tool, or we can offer social media management to post on their accounts for them.

AND, for those businesses that don’t have enough ideas to post on social media regularly we can do social media brainstorming with them, send them some ideas, or they can read this blog post that gives our readers loads of free ideas of things they can post on their social media in August;

August is Happiness Happens Month; why not share something happy every day of the month. This could be a special offer, a nice photo, funny story or happy customer for example. Share something on your social media page that makes happiness happen for your target audience.

1st – 7th August is Simplify Your Life Week; for this week you could use the week name as your hashtag and either share tips to your target audience for simplifying their lives, or share links to your products or services with details of how they will simplify the readers life.

National Bargain Hunting Week is 6th – 12th August and a great time to either promote events, markets or craft fairs you are going to where people can pick up a bargain, or share a special code for this week only that gives people money off your product or service.

Wednesday 8th August is the day that the internet was made for. International Cat Day is on the 8th August. This is your chance to share a photo of your cat, ask your audience for a picture of their cat and even run a competition for a free cat hamper. You could use International Cat Day as a chance to fundraise for your local cat shelter or cat charity?

National Non-Profit Day is 17th August. This is a great day to support your local or favourite not-for-profit organisation. Use the days name as the hashtag and then tag the organisation and talk about what they do and why you support them.

These are just a few ideas of what to post on social media in August to whet your appetite – if you’d like more ideas just ask, or come back next month to see what to post in September.