When you go to a networking event like Connect Business Networking, you are asked to a 45 second pitch. This is your chance to introduce yourself to the room, tell them who you are, what you do and even why they should use you.

You can include examples of clients you have worked for, testimonials from them and even ask for referrals to a certain industry if you like – and this can work really well when you get to know the people in the room better, and they have learnt to ‘know, like and trust’ you and your business.

It can be hard to know what to say for your 45 second pitch. I always plan mine out in advance so when I start I feel confident, prepared and ready. I know what I will say, how I will say it and how long it will take.

Just recently, this was my pitch as pasted below. This can give you an idea of how much you can fit into 45 seconds and the sort of things you can say.

“My name is Hazel from Creative Content Company. We do content for websites, blogging, social media management and social media training.

While I could spend all day telling you about the importance of uploading regular blog posts, how it will help increase traffic to your website and result in more conversions which lead to more money for you.

Or I could talk about how great it is to post on social media every day to increase your brand awareness, helping to gain more traffic to your website, and result in more sales for your business.

But instead I’m going to talk about why you should be a client of ours!

If you’ve been lucky enough to be our client in our 5th year of business then you will have been invited to a day at polo, paid for by us!

You’ll have been invited to a party in an art gallery with networking, pimms, a professional photographer and a flower wall.

And if you’re really, really lucky you’ll have had a stand at business booth networking, paid for by us!!!

Creative Content Company; helping you achieve more for your business online!”

Want to come along to Connect Business Networking sometime to practice your pitch? It’s every other Thursday morning. Just drop me a line and I will add you to the guest list.