Creative Networking has been going for just over a year now and sometimes, when you start a new project it’s a good idea to sit back and take stock of how it’s going and if it’s worth continuing to do it. So, as the year anniversary came round we have done exactly that, we have taken stock of Creative Networking and looked at how it is going.

Creative Networking was set up as a networking event in Peterborough that was membership free, we didn’t want to make it too expensive for new or small businesses to come along and we wanted to make it open to everyone. Originally we started with just the Creative Networking Breakfast Events every other week but this has now changed for the better.

We now run Creative Networking Coffee Mornings for free, our Creative Networking Breakfasts are once a month and we have Creative Networking lunches too which are just starting up. These have been really successful and enjoyed by all – we even had a Christmas Dinner networking event where we could offer Creative Networking attendees £5 off with the points we had collected at the breakfast events.

But what do attendees of Creative Networking actually think about the events?

Marc of Panchromos Ltd: “Creative Networking events contain the right mix of structure and

Free-wheeling. Ideal for building professional relationships, and very enjoyable too! What can I say? Networking + Hazel = you can’t go wrong! “

Sara of Harnessing Creativity: “Welcoming, inclusive and pro-active networking which is friendly and supportive and great for making local connections.”

Mark of Be Water Creative: “I went along to Creative Networking for the first time recently and although new to professional networking, was made to feel at home right away and approached almost immediately by a fellow business owner who struck up conversation.

This was very important, as a newcomer to the group, I was anxious at the prospect of walking into a room full of people who already knew one another – I was wrong to worry, and throughout the morning, many others did the same, and Hazel the host was wonderful, introducing me personally to people she felt it would benefit me to talk to.

The venue was excellent, the attendees interesting and varied.  I’m delighted I plucked up the courage to attend, and would encourage others starting out to do the same.  The Creative Networking gang are a great bunch, with lots of experience and know how to offer those like me who are just starting out.“

Paul of PWR Media: “With Creative Networking, Hazel has created an innovative and inspiring range of networking opportunities that really do add value to small business owners. With business breakfasts, lunches and evening sessions to choose from, there is something for everyone however busy your diary. If traditional networking sessions didn’t work for you, give Creative Networking a try – it is well worth your time.”

These are just some of the attendees that have come to Creative Networking and what they think of the event, so in ‘taking stock’ we feel that Creative Networking has been hugely successful and will definitely continue for the next year, if not forever!