Once again, A short little post with the best SEO Tips to tell you exactly what you need to know, feel free to have a look at other sites for longer and more  in-depth descriptions but this article will give you the very basics to understand what a meta-description is and how it works.

I’ve read lots of long, in depth and sometimes boring articles about what a meta-description is and have put this simple article together for you, to give you the best SEO Tips quickly and simply.

When you go on a search engine, like Google, you will see the meta-title (the bit in blue at the top), the website address (the green bit) and then the Meta-Description. This is the paragraph underneath that goes into more details of what your company can offer and also a ‘call to action’.

A ‘Call to Action’ is something that tells you to ‘Buy Now’ for example, a call to make you do something.