We talk a lot about the SEO robots scanning your website. They are looking for new pages, content quality, images and more. By looking for these things the SEO robots can see if your website is worthy of their traffic they can send to your business. Search engines like Google scan web content from your business. They do this before processing the finer details of your website.

Just like you and I read content on the internet, the Google robots do the same. Search engines will scan your web content to understand the structure of the content and the topic. Once the search engines scan your web content, they will look to determine the quality and SEO value of the content. This is done in different ways.

For example, the search engines will scan for the headings. Google will look at the headings to see what keywords are included and their relevance to the topic of the content. Search engines will also scan your website content for keywords. Google wants to see what keywords and related words you are using. This helps the search engine robots gain a better understanding of the topic.

Google and other search engines will also scan the content to complete a semantic analysis. This is where the search engine robots determine how words relate to one another. They will also look at how these words relate to the topic as a whole. Words must be pieced together to create a clear sentence structure. This will enable Google to understand the semantics of the page.

Research shows that bolded text will help your SEO ranking too. John Mueller from Google said that bolded text will help attract the attention of Google. It will show the search engines robots which part of the text is important. You can use bolded text to draw the attention towards sentences that you want to be more noticed than others.

As per our previous blog posts, it is important to make your web content scannable and skimmable for your target audience. However, this is also useful and necessary for search engines too.

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